A Giving Platform Made for You

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Customized website in minutes

Upload your school logo, colors, and causes you want funded within a few minutes to have your customized crowdfunding platform.

Receive the funds directly into your institutions account

We want your donations to go straight to you! All the funds go directly into your institution's bank account so you can start using them immediately.

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Easily manage the different causes that you want funded

Students or faculty can submit their causes and as the administrator you facilitate how it is published.

Facilitate engagement between donors and students

By uploading videos, pictures, and a compelling story it allows donors to see the impact of their gift. Students can market their own causes through their social media networks to increase donations. After the project is funded students and faculty can update donors to increase engagement.

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Get a personalized tour of the Alumni Fund platform. We'll show you how it works and talk about how we can customize it for your university

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