Crowd Funding for Higher Education

A unique way to cultivate gifts and engage alumni.

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Increase Engagement

Give your alumni the opportunity to engage with their alma mater in a deep and meaningful way. Let them connect with causes they care about: student groups, Greek life, faculty projects, or a state of the art new facility. Empower them to be a part of the community, connect, and help it grow!

Increase Participation

Have your students, faculty, and fellow alums drive participation rates by allowing them to connect with their social network and promote the causes that they want funded. Alums will see the difference their donations make.

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Build a Culture of Philanthropy

Teach your students the importance of giving back by having them actively participate in the fundraising process. When students see the impact that alums make they will learn that a small gift matters. Promote philanthropy and have your students leave a lasting legacy of their own.

Success Story

WPI Campus

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

"Our Alumni Gym Campaign has been very successful so far. We have been able to connect with new donors, young alums, and are seeing more donations come in each and every day. WPI has always been a center of innovation and that is why I am very excited that WPI partnered with Alumni Fund to innovate the fundraising process."

Peter Thomas, Executive Director of Alumni Relations & Annual Giving Campaign Director